Channelling My Passion

"I have always had a passion for art in all its media's, growing up in the UK, my education and scholastic achievements were focussed primarily on artistic pursuits. However, my life choices placed me firmly in the corporate world, and for many years art played a minor role in my life, lending only the occasional escape and some balance to an otherwise very hectic and stressful life.

In more recent years I have had the opportunity to revisit my creativity and discovered a real passion for sculpting. This tactile medium provides a challenge and a thrill, it facilitates the perfect way to channel my passion and the creation of pieces that represent my fascination for the human form interacting with our world.

Living on the bayside beaches of Melbourne Australia, I find inspiration constantly by human interaction with the natural environment, sun, sea and the coastal flora and fauna. I endeavour to capture this in my work."


Works By Commission